Professor and research associate professors

Jong-Beom Baek (백종범)

 Professor/Director, Department of Energy and Chemical Engineering/Center for Dimension-Controllable Organic Frameworks, UNIST, Korea

  The University of Akron, USA


Biography   ResearcherID


Mahmood, J.  et al.,   Nature Nanotechnol. 12 441–446 (2017) 

Jeon, I.-Y. et al.,  PNAS, USA 109, 5588-5593 (2012) 

Mahmood, J. et al.,  Nat. Commun. 6, 6486 (2015) 

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Mahmood, J. et al.,  PNAS, USA 115, 4823-4892 (2016) 



Han GaofengResearch Professor

 Jilin University, China

  Small molecular transition/synthesis reactions at ambient conditions



Jeong-Min SeoPostdoc

  UNIST, Korea

 Synthesis and modification of carbon-based two-dimensional layered materials

Yi JiangPostdoc

  ICCAS, China

Synthesis of framework materials and their applications in energy storage and catalysis

Ishfaq AhmadPostdoc

 University of Peshwar, Pakistan

 Synthesis of aromatic network polymer

Yang XinchunPostdoc

  Kobe University, Japan

  The development of nanostructured materials for advanced functional applications

Wei ChePostdoc

  University of Science and Technology of China, China

 Advanced Nanocatalysis –    Organic Catalysis and Energy Conversion

Graduate Students

Yoon-Kwang ImPh.D. Candidate

 Hanyang University, Korea

 Synthesis and application of aromatic network polymer for fuel cell materials

Soo-Young YuPh.D. Candidate

 Kyungbuk National University, Korea

 Synthesis of aromatic 3D network polymer

Hyuk-Jun NohPh.D. Candidate

 UNIST, Korea

  Synthesis of organic framework materials and their applications in energy storage and catalysis

Seong-Wook KimPh.D Candidate

 UNIST, Korea

 Synthesis of network polymer

Do Hyung KweonPh.D. Candidate

 Korea University, Korea

 Application of carbon materials for optoelectronics

Boo-Jae JangPh.D. Candidate

 Korea University, Korea

 Synthesis of functional polymer for energy devices based on living radical polymerization

Jong-Pil JeonPh.D. Candidate

 Korea University, Korea

 Synthesis of metal oxides based materials and their applications

Young Hyun KimPh.D. Candidate

 Synthesis and application of graphitic materials

Changqing LiPh.D. Candidate

  Synthesis and electrocatalytic application of carbon based materials

Sunjin LeePh.D. Candidate

  Synthesis of carbon based materials

Nahyun KimPh.D. Candidate

  Synthesis of carbon based materials

Seunghyeon KimPh.D. Candidate

Jonghoon KimPh.D. Candidate

Jiwon KimPh.D. Candidate

Md Mahbubul AlamPh.D. Candidate

  Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), Bangladesh



Hyemi KwakAdministrative Assistant







Graduate Students

Ja-Young Choi

MS, 2005-2007, House Wife

Se-Jin Oh

MS, 2005-2007, PhD in Spain

Hwa-Jeong Lee

MS, 2005-2007, HanKook Tire-Central Research Center

Bang-Jun Kim

MS, 2005-2007, Mapei Korea

Kyung-Won Min

MS, 2005-2007, Kosmo Plastic

Jae-Yong Jeong

MS, 2006-2008, Hanbul Cosmetics

Dae-Hyun Lim

MS, 2006-2008, Hanhwa Research Center

Sang-Wook Han

MS, 2006-2008, Nexen Tire-Research Center

Soo-Mi Eo

MS, 2006-2008, Samsung SDI

Jung-Hee Lee

MS, 2007-2009, Central Research Facility, CBNU

Eun-Kyung Choi

MS, 2007-2009, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Soo-Na Ahn

MS, 2007-2009, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Jong-Kwan Lim

MS, 2008-2010, Samyang Research Center

Sang-Wook Kang

MS, 2008-2010, LG Chemical Research Center

Ji-Ye Kang

MS, 2008-2010, POSCO Chemtech

Kyung-Soo Kim

MS, 2009-2011, SsangYong Cement Research Center

Gyung-Joo Sohn

MS, 2010-2012

Yeon-Ran Shin

MS, 2010-2012, Hanhwa Research Center

In-Yup Jeon

Ph.D, 2007-2013, Assistant Professor, Wonkwang University

Min-Jung Kim

MS, 2011-2013, Ulsan Technopark

Jongyeol Baek

MS, 2012-2014, LG Chem

Javeed Mahmood

Ph.D, 2011-2015, Postdoc, UNIST

Hyun-Jung Choi

Ph.D, 2010-2016, KITECH

Seo-Yoon Bae

Ph.D, 2010-2016, Postdoc, Wonkwang University

Sun-Min Jung

Ph.D, 2011-2017, Postdoc, Samsung Electronic Mechanics

Sun-Hee Shin

M.S., 2015-2018, Samsung SDI

Jeong-Min Seo

Ph.D, 2011-2018, UNIST

Seok-Jin Kim

Ph.D, 2015-2019, KAUST



Postdoc and Research Professor

Nanjundan Ashok Kumar

Postdoc, 2010-2011, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Queensland, Australia

Dongwook Chang

Research Professor, 2010-2012, Assistant Professor, Pukyong National University, Korea

Parimal Routh

Postdoc, 2013-2014, Assistant Professor, Calcutta University, India

Xianglong Zhao

Postdoc, 2014-2016, Assistant Professor, Chinese Academy of Science, China

Thangavelu Palaniselvam

Postdoc, 2014-2015, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Amal Kumar Mandal

Postdoc, 2016-2017, Senior Scientist, CSIR-Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute, Bhavnagar

Sun-Min Jung

Ph.D, 2011-2017, Samsung Electronic Mechanics

Jeong-Min Seo

Ph.D, 2011-2018, UNIST

Seok-Jin Kim

Ph.D, 2015-2019, KAUST

Qikun Sun

Ph.D, 2019-2021,

Javeed Mahmood

Research assistant professor, 2015-2021, KAUST

Feng Li

Research assistant professor,