Professor and research associate professors

Jong-Beom Baek (백종범)

 Professor/Director, Department of Energy and Chemical Engineering/Center for Dimension-Controllable Organic Frameworks, UNIST, Korea

  The University of Akron, USA


 [email protected]

Biography   ResearcherID


Han, G.-F. et al., Nature Nanotechnol. 16, 325 (2021) 

Mahmood, J.  et al.,   Nature Nanotechnol. 12 441–446 (2017) 

Dai, L. et al.,  Chem. Rev. 115, 4823-4892 (2015) 

Mahmood, J. et al.,  Nat. Commun. 6, 6486 (2015) 

Mahmood, J. et al.,  PNAS, USA 115, 4823-4892 (2016) 



Jeong-Min SeoPostdoc

  UNIST, Korea

 [email protected]

 Synthesis and modification of carbon-based two-dimensional layered materials

Wei ChePostdoc

  University of Science and Technology of China, China

  [email protected]

 Advanced Nanocatalysis –    Organic Catalysis and Energy Conversion

Runnan GuanPostdoc

 University of Science and Technology of China, China

 [email protected]

 Synthesis of functional nanomaterials for energy conversion

Do Hyung KweonPostdoc

UNIST, Korea

[email protected]

 Application of carbon materials for optoelectronics

Zhongping LiPostdoc

 Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

[email protected]

 Design and synthesis of two-dimensional covalent organic framework

Feng TangPostdoc

 Renmin University of China, China

[email protected]

 Synthesis of functional carbon-based materials for electrocatalysis and electroanalysis


Graduate Students

Yoon-Kwang ImPh.D. Candidate

 Hanyang University, Korea

 [email protected]

 Synthesis and application of aromatic network polymer for fuel cell materials

Seong-Wook KimPh.D Candidate

 UNIST, Korea

 [email protected]

 Synthesis of two-dimensional polymer for semiconductor/electronics

Boo-Jae JangPh.D. Candidate

 Korea University, Korea

 [email protected]

 Synthesis of functional polymer for energy devices based on living radical polymerization

Jong-Pil JeonPh.D. Candidate

 Korea University, Korea

 [email protected]

 Synthesis of metal oxides based materials and their applications

Young Hyun KimPh.D. Candidate

 [email protected]

  Synthesis of porous polymers for CO2 utlization

Changqing LiPh.D. Candidate

  [email protected]

  Synthesis and electrocatalytic application of carbon based materials

Seunghyeon KimPh.D. Candidate

  [email protected]

 Sustainable energy conversion via mechanochemistry

Jiwon KimPh.D. Candidate

  [email protected]

Jae Seong LeePh.D. Candidate

  UNIST, Korea

  [email protected]

 Hydrogen-mediated mechanochemical energy conversion

Jae-Hoon BaekPh.D. Candidate

 [email protected]


Exchange students

Shao YanhuaPh.D. Candidate

  [email protected]

 Synthesis and application of ZIFs derived carbon materials



Hyemi KwakAdministrative Assistant

  [email protected]








Graduate Students

Ja-Young Choi

MS, 2005-2007, House Wife

Se-Jin Oh

MS, 2005-2007, PhD in Spain

Hwa-Jeong Lee

MS, 2005-2007, HanKook Tire-Central Research Center

Bang-Jun Kim

MS, 2005-2007, Mapei Korea

Kyung-Won Min

MS, 2005-2007, Kosmo Plastic

Jae-Yong Jeong

MS, 2006-2008, Hanbul Cosmetics

Dae-Hyun Lim

MS, 2006-2008, Hanhwa Research Center

Sang-Wook Han

MS, 2006-2008, Nexen Tire-Research Center

Soo-Mi Eo

MS, 2006-2008, Samsung SDI

Jung-Hee Lee

MS, 2007-2009, Central Research Facility, CBNU

Eun-Kyung Choi

MS, 2007-2009, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Soo-Na Ahn

MS, 2007-2009, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Jong-Kwan Lim

MS, 2008-2010, Samyang Research Center

Sang-Wook Kang

MS, 2008-2010, LG Chemical Research Center

Ji-Ye Kang

MS, 2008-2010, POSCO Chemtech

Kyung-Soo Kim

MS, 2009-2011, SsangYong Cement Research Center

Gyung-Joo Sohn

MS, 2010-2012

Yeon-Ran Shin

MS, 2010-2012, Hanhwa Research Center

In-Yup Jeon

Ph.D, 2007-2013, Associate Professor, Wonkwang University

Min-Jung Kim

MS, 2011-2013, Ulsan Technopark

Jongyeol Baek

MS, 2012-2014, LG Chem

Javeed Mahmood

Ph.D, 2011-2015, Postdoc, UNIST

Hyun-Jung Choi

Ph.D, 2010-2016, KITECH

Seo-Yoon Bae

Ph.D, 2010-2016, Assistant Professor, Wonkwang University

Sun-Min Jung

Ph.D, 2011-2017, Samsung Electronic Mechanics

Sun-Hee Shin

M.S., 2015-2018, Samsung SDI

Jeong-Min Seo

Ph.D, 2011-2018, UNIST

Seok-Jin Kim

Ph.D, 2015-2019, Postdoc, KAUST

Ishfaq Ahmad

Ph.D, 2015-2021, University of the Basque Country, Spain

Hyuk-Jun Noh

Ph.D, 2015-2021, Dartmouth College, USA

Soo-Young Yu

Ph.D, 2015-2021, Researcher, KIST

Nahyun Kim

MS, 2020-2022, LG Chem

Yan Zhou

Visiting PhD student, 2021-2022, Professor, Jiangsu University, China

Qiannan Zhao

Visiting PhD student, 2021-2022

Sunjin Lee

MS, 2020-2022, ISU Chemical

Jonghoon Kim

MS, 2021-2022, Postech

Do Hyung Kweon

Ph.D, 2017-2022, Postdoc, UNIST

Postdoc and Research Professor

Nanjundan Ashok Kumar

Postdoc, 2010-2011, Professor, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Dongwook Chang

Research Professor, 2010-2012, Professor, Pukyong National University, Korea

Parimal Routh

Postdoc, 2013-2014, Professor, Charuchandra College, India

Xianglong Zhao

Postdoc, 2014-2016, Professor, Sandong Jianzhou University, China

Thangavelu Palaniselvam

Postdoc, 2014-2015, Professor, IIT-Madras, India

Amal Kumar Mandal

Postdoc, 2016-2017, Senior Scientist, CSIR-CSMCRI, India 

Sun-Min Jung

Ph.D, 2011-2017, Samsung Electronic Mechanics

Jeong-Min Seo

Ph.D, 2011-2018, UNIST

Seok-Jin Kim

Ph.D, 2015-2019, KAUST

Qikun Sun

Ph.D, 2019-2021, Professor, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China

Javeed Mahmood

Research Assistant Professor, 2015-2021, KAUST

Feng Li

Research assistant professor, Full Professor, Fudan University, China

Yang Xinchun

Postdoc, 2020-2021, Associate Professor, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Ishfaq Ahmad

Postdoc, 2020-2021, Postdoc, University of the Basque Country, Spain 

Gaofeng Han

Postdoc, 2016-2022, Full Professor, Jilin University, China

Yi Jiang

Postdoc, 2020-2022, Professor, Donghua University, China

Hyuk-Jun Noh

Postdoc, 2022-2022, Dartmouth College, USA 

Sami Ullah

Postdoc, 2022-2023